Watch Bill Nye, Dressed Like A Robot, Dance To Daft Punk On Dancing With The Stars

When it was announced that Bill Nye would be on Dancing With The Stars this season, people got pretty excited. It is pretty strange. I mean, he’s the science guy, not the dancing guy. Nye tore his quadricep recently and was told by doctors he would not dance this week. Fortunately he is a man of science and found a clever solution — dress up like a robot, and dance the robot to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” on a set that looks like something out of Tron Legacy. So did the innovative thinking impress the judges? No — Nye and his partner Tyne Stecklein scored extremely low and are no longer on the show. That may also be due to the fact that doing the robot to Daft Punk is pretty inappropriate in the jazz-themed episode. Still though, what a way to go out. Watch the entire dance below and those of you with strong gif making skills get to work.