My Name Is

Thanks everyone who suggested rock names for stereokitten. We let our boy sift through the mailbag himself and find his favorite.

Say HELLO to Lionel. He was scrawny like Nicole Richie, but we got him meds and now he’s enjoying lamb lungs and making faces at Bunny. Of course, I wanted to name him Sussudio (and Robby Sheff suggested Nastassja Kinski because he “always wants people to name their cats that”), but EJ wasn’t feeling it. Lionel it is.

Here are two relevant cuts from the swing covers album y’all seem to love so much.

Paul Anka – “Hello” (MP3 link removed)
Paul Anka – “Love Cats” (MP3 link removed)

I’m now one of those bloggers that posts about cats on Fridays. (Sigh.)