Jackson Scott – “Sandy” Video

Jackson Scott has just released a “Sandy” video as woozy and off kilter as the song. It follows a bunch of young partiers as they drink, dance, and screw around with things in the house. Shot by Tyler Floro with unbalanced camera work that quickly makes the person watching it feel as faded as the folks at the party. The sort of elephant in the room regarding this song, and especially video, is it’s relation to Sandy Hook. Some people have already taken issue with the song’s lyrics, “”Little kids sitting all around / wishing they were sound asleep again” being paired with a video of kids partying and dancing. Below you can watch the video and read what Scott said of it in a recent interview with NPR:

One thing going through my head was this concept [that] the kids the song is speaking about are never going to get past their very young childhood. They’re never going to be happy teenagers, mindlessly having fun or partying. I’d say that would be a big element of it. Another element is this idea of when something really bad happens, it sounds odd, but the world just goes on. I think you could either be really cynical or optimistic about the concept that if something bad happens, people are going to think about it for a while, and then they’ll go back to their normal lives, they’ll go back to partying with friends, going to work, all that typical stuff. I think the video, I would hope, would further the odd vibe of the song I was trying to convey, in terms of a certain meaninglessness.

Bad taste? Empathetic escapism? Let us know what you think about this in the comments.

Melbourne is out now via Fat Possum.