Juana Molina – “Sin Guia No”

Juana Molina – “Sin Guia No”

Argentine experimental singer-songwriter Juana Molina recently gave a great interview to Rookie in which she expressed her regret about starting a music career 20 years after the desire struck her: “The thing you have to think about is the time you waste by not doing what you want to do. I think about the many, many years that I wasted because I didn’t dare to play music.” We can argue about whether taking five years between records also constitutes wasting time, but on the other hand playing every instrument and singing every vocal is a time-consuming task. Either way, Molina is thankfully back in our lives with the pending release of sixth LP Wed21, her follow-up to 2008’s Un Día. The latest single, “Sin Guia No,” is dusky digital jazz-pop of the first order, and you can stream it below.

Wed21 is out 10/28 on Crammed Discs.

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