Stream An Unreleased Burial & Four Tet Track

Kieran Hebden, the expansive and adventurous electronic producer who records as Four Tet, has released a few tracks with the reclusive atmospheric-dubstep spectre Burial, but he’s apparently been saving some of that heat for the right moment. Over the weekend, Hebden DJed a ridiculous eight-hour set for Britain’s Rinse FM, and he opened that set the biggest way he could: By playing an unreleased collaboration that he and Burial had done. We don’t know the track’s title, and we have no idea when they recorded it, but the song is some of that gorgeous rainy-day music that these two do ridiculously well. Listen to a rip of it below.

(via Clash)

Four Tet’s new album Beautiful Rewind is already out in some UK stores, and it’s officially out stateside 10/15 on Hebden’s own Text label.

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