TEEN – “Why, Why, Why” (Live On Snacky Tunes)

Last year, we picked TEEN as a Band To Watch for good reason. Lyrically the quartet (three sisters and one friend) has a focused power and intensity, but pair it with weighty drums and flickering synth hooks. That always came up in spades on “Why, Why, Why,” an early track from the band and one they played live for Snacky Tunes Vol. 4, a compilation series by brothers Darin and Greg Bresnitz who have made a name for themselves by combining great music and food on IFC’s Dinner With The Band. TEEN’s live version is fantastic here, especially in the way that low rumbling guitar gets balanced by crisp sleigh bells. Listen and download below.

Snacky Tunes Vol. 4 is out now on the Heritage Radio Network.

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