Indie Rock Cribs

From Pernice Brothers’ official site:

It came to me as if in a dream, but I was wide awake, coveting a mesh onion bag full of suet hanging from a bird feeder: There ought to be a show like MTV Cribs for indie musicians/actors. Maybe MTV2 could do it (if they haven’t already) and call it MTV2 Cribs. Think about it.

You go straight into the musty crawl space of that dude from Spoon. You put in some hang time in Cat Power’s mud room, is what you do. You give a Bill Curtis-worthy examination to the carport where the Tyde parks their rental van.

Watch episode one here. Fascinating stuff.

The Pernice Brothers have a new album out on Flag Day. It’s lovely and you can stream half the tracks here. While you’re listening, you can read about Joe’s strict two-week liver cleanse (“My wife and I took my mother-in-law to a movie for Mother’s Day. Don Cheadle’s voice was so smooth and smoky, all I could think about were those hickory flavored Pringles and a cream soda”).