Bruce Springsteen – “Dream Baby Dream” (Suicide Cover) Video

One of the coolest fun facts about Bruce Springsteen: He was an early fan and patron of the New York electro-punk duo Suicide, and he’s covered their devotional hymn “Dream Baby Dream” many times over the years. (Suicide were also a big influence on his great stark acoustic album Nebraska.) And now that Springsteen and his E Street Band are wrapping up their massive two-year Wrecking Ball tour, Springsteen has posted a letter thanking the many fans who came out to the show and a video for a newly-recorded “Dream Baby Dream” cover. The video consists entirely of live-show footage from the tour, but with an interesting twist: Almost all the footage is of fans, of their faces, and of the very real rapture that they’re registering. (As someone who saw Springsteen on this past tour, I can only imagine that my face looked something like that too.) The result: Perhaps one of the only times you’ll get choked up listening to a Suicide song. Thom Zimny made the video, and you can watch it below.

Writes Springsteen: “You have reignited in us a great passion for what we do. We’ll do our best to honor it.” What a guy!