Lee Ranaldo Wants To Teach You Guitar

Dan Smith Wants To Teach You Guitar is sort of an NYC living meme. The long-running street advertisements for real-life dude Dan Smith posing with his axe a mental mainstay for anyone whose lived there long enough and has been parodied a considerable amount, including back in 2010 by The Daily Show. Now indie rock legend Lee Ranaldo is poking fun at the flier, but for good reason. He’ll be hosting a guitar clinic at NYC record store institution Other Music on Monday, 10/28. Matador’s blog lists this a his first one, but doesn’t say when or if there will be follow-ups. But you do get a signed poster and some tips from a guy whose used an electric toothbrush to make life-changing sounds come out of a guitar.

Lee Ranaldo And The Dust’s Last Night On Earth is out now via Matador.

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