Who’s Jonny She Said

Speaking of guitarists … Jonny Buckland is Coldplay’s axeman, and if you didn’t know that, that’s just fine with him. From Newsweek

“Nobody knows the other members of bands. Only the singer. Look at R.E.M. Which one’s the guitarist? The only reason I know Peter Buck’s name is because of that time he got mad on a plane. The only way I could [achieve fame] is by getting into some kind of trouble. It could only be infamy.” What about Keith Richards? “Massive drug habit.” Jimmy Page? “Witchcraft.” The Edge? “Mustache.”

Reminds me — magazines, enough with the Coldplay Are The New U2. “Fix You” (“the most important song we’ve ever written” Chris Martin told VH1 Storytellers) is Coldplay’s “With or Without You” according to Newsweek. Does that mean they’ve peaked? I’ll reserve judgment until I hear the whole album. Gotta say I’m impressed how well Capitol’s kept the leaks at bay.

UPDATE: For those who haven’t heard “Coldplay’s ‘With Or Without You'”…

Coldplay – Fix You (Live At Coachella)

…and another bit I forgot to excerpt from Newsweek (since we won’t rest until Coldplay is compared to every popular rock band on the planet):

GUY BERRYMAN: “We’re not a cool band anymore like the Strokes or the White Stripes, and sometimes I feel insecure about that.”

Martin admits he winced when Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, one of his heroes, labeled Coldplay “lifestyle music” ?- a dig at the band’s universality in films, stores, airports and Mom’s iPod.

CHRIS MARTIN: “It’s like unrequited love. I’m in love with a lot of things. Some of those things love me back. And some of them don’t ?- and one of them is Radiohead.”

Incidentally, this issue of Newsweek was the magazine planning to reveal the Stereogum Indie-Yuppie Contest winners. The piece was killed ’cause NY Post ran it first (and presumably they needed more space to apologize for Quran-flushing fibs).