Hear Nirvana Discuss Autographs, Punk Vs. Metal Kids In Rare Metal Hammer Interviews

From 1990-1992, Metal Hammer writer James Sherry interviewed Nirvana on three different occasions, discussing everything from the weirdness of signing autographs to the differences between punk and metal kids. The first interview took place at the Metal Hammer’s London office before the band headlined The Astoria that night. The second took place at a pub in Hammersmith, London, before the release of Nevermind. The third took place at James Sherry’s family house in the suburbs of Surrey, England, after Nevermind had become a platinum success. The interviews have been available on CD for nearly a decade, but now they are online for the first time ever. Check out the audio below; all together, it’s about an hour long.

November 1990 interview (26:24):

Summer 1991 interview (21:11):

1992 interview (10:47; Novoselic only):

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