‘Til Death Do Us Part

This was the actual cover of Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra’s wedding invitation.

More of the duo’s crazy hi-jinx will be on your MTV soon:

The channel’s also begun airing promos for a second season with their original newlyweds, Nick and Jess (who will be hosting SNL next week). The spots feature Space’s “Female Of The Species” — a curious blast from the plast.

Here’s the MP3: Space – “Female Of The Species”

Saw Monster with EJ and Laura last night. I don’t think they liked it as much as I did. EJ stopped paying attention in the third act and began mentally choosing curtains for our still bare-windowed apartment. I believe Ebert was right, though. Good chance Charlize gets the Oscar. Interesting music in that movie too. I think I heard some INXS and A Flock Of Seagulls. And Journey too, which always makes me think of an ’80s prom.

This post was sort of rambling. I think it’s ’cause I haven’t had coffee yet.