Hold Steady Dude Disses Radiohead, Digs Oasis

Ugh. Look it’s Rock Interviews 101: a band slags another, and like a moth to the Flame, the internet will post it. Because it is inflammatory, and the Internet and Inflammatory are BFFs. So congrats Tad Kubler, you clearly wanted to be blogged, and now you are. The Hold Steady guitarist told BBC6 (via NME):

I think [Radiohead have] lost the plot,” he said. “What are they doing? Where are they going? What’s happening? I don’t get it any more. They lost me.

“I still appreciate what they’re doing, or what they’re trying to do. But I think they’re trying too hard not to be Radiohead. That seems a little ridiculous to me.”

“I like them as a rock band, all the buttons and sequencing and stuff like that I don’t really care for. I’m a fan of rock music and what they’re doing now I don’t think is very good.”

And you already knew this bit:

“I love Oasis. I love them. I think that what they do is earnest. I think it’s honest.”

To recap: Oasis = earnest. Radiohead = not very good anymore. (Take it from THS, better to stay in one place than fuss with getting all innovate-y. OK?) Well this all works out because Noel would have words if that opinion was anything else. Meanwhile I wouldn’t hold my breath for “Jockin’ Jonny G” anytime soon.