Yeasayer – “Glass Of The Microscope” Video

Yeasayer filmed the video for “Glass Of The Microscope,” the spacey track that ends their 2012 album Fragrant World, at Leiden University, an old medical-research university in the Netherlands, where the scientist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek developed an early version of the microscope in the 17th century. In the video, the members of Yeasayer don lab coats, peer through microscopes, walk past shelves of preserved animals, and interact with various modern-dancing extras. According to director Ruben van Leer, there’s a storyline about how the Yeasayer guys are scientists working to find a cure for a mysterious epidemic, but you won’t necessarily get that from watching the video, which seems mostly concerned with exploring the intersection between “science stuff” and “trippiness.” Watch it below.

(via Wired)

Fragrant World is out now on Secretly Canadian.