Designer – “Slowpoke” and “Magic C”

As much as Boston has been publicized this year, the city’s noisier, experimental music scene remains vastly underlooked. Enter Designer, who (along with their buddies Guerilla Toss) are making some of best noise-rock around right now. Earlier this year their KALVIN & KLINE EP was a molten blast of distorted sound in the grand tradition of Jesus Lizard, Brainiac, and Lightning Bolt, and it was enough to ensure them a spot on our 40 Best New Bands of 2013. Now they have a new cassingle (yes, you heard right) out titled WAVVVES with two excellent new tracks.

First up we have “Slowpoke,” which throws a storm of distorted guitar over their funk-from-hell rhythm section and proceeds to just get more and more manic — making the polite phone interruption at the end (“Hey! We’re just recording really fast, can I call you in a second”) even more unexpected and funny. Meanwhile the lighter, punchy “Magic C” features some of the band’s best bass lines and what I swear has to be a slide whistle solo — though with these guys it’s tough to tell. They’re an incredible pair of tracks and only have me even more excited for the band’s inevitable full-length. Listen and download “Slowpoke” below and check out the video for “Magic C” directed by Rose Thomas.

Designer – “Slowpoke”

The “Magic C/Slow Poke” cassingle is out now on BUFU Records.