Shaun Ryder Has A TV Show About UFOs

The miraculously-still-alive Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder, who I once saw on the Apollo Theater stage with his fly down, is the new host of a four-episode mini-series about aliens and UFOs. Ryder claims that he once saw a UFO when he was a teenager and that he’s been obsessed with them ever since. Weirdly, this ties in nicely with the new British alien-invasion comedy The World’s End, which is soundtracked entirely by the Happy Mondays and their Madchester-era peers. That’s a good movie; you should watch it. You should also check below for a teaser of Ryder’s show.

(via FACT)

The descriptively titled Shaun Ryder On UFOs begins 11/10 on the British version of The History Channel.