NYC’s Roseland Ballroom To Close

Roseland Ballroom is one of Manhattan’s more historic standing venues — it’s been around in some form since 1917, and it’s been in its current location at 239 West 52nd Street since 1956. Back in the day, my grandfather went dancing there once a week. Of course, for the last few decades, it’s mostly served as one of the city’s more prominent mid-sized venues (capacity: 3200). I’ve seen countless legendary shows there since the early ’90s, including Smashing Pumpkins (two nights on the Siamese Dream tour); Alice In Chains (touring for Dirt); Blur (touring for 13; they brought the Harlem Boys Choir onstage for “Tender”); Pavement (behind Wowee Zowee); Bad Religion in ’93, with an opening band called Green Day; Butthole Surfers that same year, with an opening band called Stone Temple Pilots (?!); My Motherfucking Bloody Valentine, who put on one of the best shows I’ve ever witnessed (and which produced the above marquee photo via yours truly); and maybe the most famous Fiona Apple concert of all time.

Of course, Fiona wasn’t necessarily wrong to storm off that stage — Roseland was a pretty decent venue in terms of layout, and for a long time, they booked some of the best bands in the world, but frankly, the sound was always terrible. But now, it seems, Fiona and I won’t have ol’ Roseland to kick around anymore: Billboard is reporting that the nearly century-old venue is shutting down next April. I don’t feel it’s a huge loss — venues in this city come and go pretty regularly — but there’s a ton of history there, to be sure. Here’s the story in full; share your Roseland memories in the comments.