Wilco LP7 On The Way

At their triumphant Lollapalooza headlining set, Wilco debuted new suits and a new tune, “One Wing.” Now comes word that a follow-up to the wonderful Sky Blue Sky should be out by spring. Jeff Tweedy offered this progress report to Albany radio station WAMC. Via Billboard:

Tweedy says he expects Wilco will “allow ourselves a little bit more leeway in terms of sculpting the sound in the studio and doing overdubs and using the studio as another instrument. Last time around, it was more of a document.”

Tweedy told WAMC he’s going through a phase where he “kinda hate[s]” all of Wilco’s six prior albums, because “none of them are a statement that I would be comfortable making right now at this point in my life. They all served their purpose, and in that respect I’m proud of all of them.

“But as something that feels artistically in keeping with who I am today, I think that they are inevitably going to fall short of that as time goes on. I mean, they just don’t continue to mean the same things to me, and a new record is kind of where it’s at.”

Video and MP3 of “One Wing” (and another new song) right this way, if you missed it the first time…

Wilco – “One Wing” (Live At Lollapalooza 2008) (MP3)

Also where it’s at: another promising WIP “Sunny Feeling.” This live recording of it from Indianapolis comes from FuelFriends.

Wilco – “Sunny Feeling” (Live In Indianapolis 8/4/08) (MP3)

It’s going to sound even better with overdubs. Wilco (and Jeff solo) have a few more tour dates before they head to the studio. Check ‘em.