Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Big week for the Reflektors, the up-and-coming Canadian group who punked their fans during CMJ and played a bunch of new songs that got us excited for their album. On Monday we heard their “Afterlife,” the best new song of the week. On Tuesday they got the Colbert bump. Wednesday and Thursday found them playing small shows in Miami. And now Reflektor is finally streaming via the world’s longest lyric video. Read our review here. They band will hit the Bridge School Benefit tomorrow, do a First Listen Live on NPR Monday, and play concerts in Los Angeles Tuesday and Thursday (Halloween), where apparently you’re supposed to dress like a mirror. Are you going as Win Butler for Halloween or something more obscure? Sexy Death Grips? Zombie XCX? Kevin Fennell? I’m going as this guy.



Heath D. Williams | Oct 24th Score:17

They’re from Canada and know French?

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#9 raptor jesus | Oct 22nd Score:18

“Death Grips cancel entire KimYe wedding tour.”

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#8 HartfordTheWhale | Oct 24th Score:19

I can’t tell if you liked it or hated it or are drunk or what. Good times.

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#7 seanpen15 | Oct 24th Score:19

I’m not even sure what tone to read this comment in, but I sure loved reading it.

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#6 alex | Oct 24th Score:20

I think Régine Chassagne singing in English comes off as WAY pretentious.

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#5 el goodo | Oct 24th Score:21

Bands are so much like long-term relationships it’s scary:

Breakup : Divorce
Reunion Tour : Getting Back Together for the Kids
“You’re an amateur, you play too fast!” : “You were NEVER good in bed!”

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#4 Zygmunt | Oct 18th Score:25

This “From The Web” shit is terrible. But I have learned the secret to perfect fluffy potatoes. Anyone else got any good recipe tips to share?

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#3 undergroundspoon | Oct 24th Score:25

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#2 Scott Lapatine | Oct 24th Score:27

@ RaptorJesus

He commented 50+ times on this post.
And now he’s banned.

Carry on.

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#1 fartbasket | Oct 24th Score:56

this album is perfect, but it sucks.

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#5 isuckhard | Oct 21st Score:-19

You have betrayed your complete ignorance of that matter here my friend and you will never make it in the music business/artist management field.

When you have kids and you are in the prime of your income-producing phase of your career which holds a very uncertain future you do not mess around. You act like a good capitalist and try to make bank.

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#4 isuckhard | Oct 21st Score:-21

Fucking thing sucks!

Repetitive and boring and those keyboards, unchanging static and serene in their falsely beneficent pointedness, really bother me. They don’t even change in the chorus.

At least they get removed in the beginning of verse two before being dropped back in, predictably halfway through that verse.

Still: the “I’ve got to know” part is good.

This song’s major problem is AF’s achilles heel: silly adherence to rhyme schemes that come to close together: “Scream and shout/work it out”

On the other hand the verses don’t worry about the rhyming.

All together a 4/10 on an Arcade Fire scale. On a normal band scale: 3/10.

It would’ve have been nice if they had dropped out the keyboards at the end and brought up the sax! Screw you James Murphy you effing tard!

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#3 isuckhard | Oct 21st Score:-23

I don’t even get how it’s remotely unusual. They went on SNL, they are playing some club shows, they have teased the album for about a month. The only weird thing was that music special which, to be frank, I found alienating, annoying, unprofessional, silly, and a waste of good money.

They should try to play Wake Up more often. Still they’re best song, and still a great song and will always be a great song, and is the song that got them their business, and it is the one song that will gain them a bigger audience.

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Jon Wilson | Oct 24th Score:-23

And I realize there was some of that on previous albums. It bothered me then, too.

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Jon Wilson | Oct 24th Score:-25

Does the singing in French rub anyone else the wrong way? It comes off as WAY pretentious to me.

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James Jackson Toth | Oct 23rd Score:0

Wow, people really do click on hyperlinks!

Anyway, I’d hardly call it an “attack.” I was merely likening two popular albums that just happen to have certain qualities–in this case, frostiness and narcissism–in common. It wasn’t meant as a ‘dig,’ merely a point of reference. Have you heard Turbulent Indigo?

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