Watch Pearl Jam Cover The Velvet Underground In Baltimore

My Morning Jacket weren’t the only band to honor the fallen Lou Reed from the stage last night. During their set at Baltimore’s First Mariner Arena, Pearl Jam took on the Velvet Underground’s copping-drugs opus “I’m Waiting For The Man.” With its circular rhythmic charge and its conversationally concrete lyrics, it’s not really the VU song best-suited for covers — and Eddie Vedder had to read the lyrics off of a music stand — but it’s still a heartfelt tribute from a band who wouldn’t have had the chance to become huge, or maybe to exist, if Reed’s work hadn’t spend a couple of decades trickling through the culture. Watch a fan-made video below.

Come to think of it, considering certain sectors of Baltimore’s local economy, maybe “Waiting For The Man” really is the best VU song to cover there.