New Estelle (Feat. Cee-Lo) Video – “Pretty Please (Love Me)”

Last we checked in with the odds on the Mercury Prize, Estelle was a long shot at 10:1. Now she’s at 20:1. This is because the odds makers are listening too much to the Kanye-guesting “American Boy” and not enough to the Cee-Lo-guesting “Please Please (Love Me).” While the contempo-pop flavored/Green Card baiting “American Boy” felt sorta canned and standard (I know it was a hit, but that had less to do with the quality and more to do with the Feat. Kanye), Estelle really shines (album title pun) here as an old soul revivalist.

Unfortunately Cee-Lo is not present in this video, but there is a Paris Hilton-type with a toy dog and a producer who looks vaguely like Danger Mouse in a Ramones t-shirt.

Estelle’s Shine is out via Atlantic.

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