Moonface – “Barbarian” Video

Today, former Wolf Parade/Sunset Rubdown guy Spencer Krug releases Julet With Blue Jeans On, the latest album from his Moonface solo project. We’ve already heard the lead single “Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark,” but the album actually opens with “Barbarian,” a pounding seven-minute voice-and-piano song. The song’s video is made up entirely of archival ’80s footage of three kids staging a dance routine in a backyard while a dog keeps interrupting, and the kid in the red T-shirt is a baby Spencer Krug. It’s all pretty adorable, but there’s an intriguing dissonance when those images are paired with a vast and serious song like this one. Also, I wish I knew what they were originally dancing to. My guess: “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” There’s also some heavy, possibly-symbolic recent-vintage stuff in there, too. Watch the video below.

Julia With Blue Jeans On is out now on Jagjaguwar.

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