NOW! That’s What I Call 78RPM Music From 1900-1930

For the audiophiles, a nice find from Metafilter/Boing Boing

Songs from the Victor, Edison, and Columbia catalogs (1900-1930) lovingly restored and encoded to MP3 by Turtle Services. Hit the jukebox and click around. Contains all your great-grandma’s favorites: “Pardon Me Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha While I Laugh” (“contains stereotypical references that may be offensive”), Thomas Edison (first time he permitted his voice to be recorded for the public), and “Hooray For The Irish.”

Last night I was telling TMFTML that if Stereogum’s “Rocking The iPod” section were truly accurate, Skip James’ Today would be in there at the moment. But you guys don’t wanna talk about Delta blues when new Foos has leaked, right? …

I’m digging the acoustic disc, but In Your Honor ain’t the Physical Graffiti Dave promised. At least John Paul Jones was in the house. Via his blog:

I played on the new Foo Fighters’ record at the invitation of Dave Grohl. I went out to their studio and spent an enjoyable time putting mellotron and mandolin on a couple of tracks. The band was very friendly, not to mention huge Zeppelin fans, so by the time I gave them a little Rainsong on the mellotron I could do no wrong!

And re: that Foo Fighters Photoshop Contest … congrats Lucas Ross. Here’s his winning entry.