Night Things – “Sleeping Beauty” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Night Things received some attention earlier this year with the song “Sleeping Beauty,” originally put out under the name Badlands. It was a dreamy piece of music as beautiful as it was sad, the sort of tone Bradford Cox mastered on Halcyon Digest, and a sound that always sounded best to me right in October when everything is getting a little colder and darker. So it’s very good timing that the band has decided to release this music video right before Halloween, when the song feels so much more appropriate. The Zach Shields-directed video finds a woman up late at night watching old footage of her wedding, the only presence of her husband comes in an empty suit. It’s a video with that eerie, magical feel you find in some of the kinder episodes of The Twilight Zone, and it matches the music just right. Watch it below.

Next to nothing is actually known about Night Things, but you can keep you with them on their Facebook.

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