Watch Marilyn Manson Tell Some Spooky Halloween Stories

I don’t know how this hasn’t already been done before, but leave it to comedy site Funny Or Die to actually enlist Marilyn Manson to tell scary stories in a new Halloween-themed video. And while something as simple as featuring the once-king of shock rock reading straightforward tales of the macabre would have sufficed, they’ve set it up as a parody of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, a show from Nickelodeon’s’90s Saturday night TV block Snick, for even tougher nostalgia. Like the actual show, Manson has been invited to a secret woods location to audition for “the Inner Circle Of The Scary Story Crew,” a perfectly obnoxious play on the Midnight Society, via his storytelling prowess. Obvs Brian Warner, who is more in-touch with his humorous side than ever before, is a perfect candidate for the role. Some of the stories are a bit dubious in their subject matter, but the overarching concept is pretty brilliant. Submitted for the approval of the Stereogum Commentariat: Marilyn Manson tells ghost stories below.