The Julie Ruin – “Right Home (YACHT Remix)”

When Kathleen Hanna was last playing around with synthy dance-music sonics in Le Tigre, the whole Tumblr remix-culture thing was still years ago, but god knows that band probably would’ve loved it. And Hanna sure seems amped about Portland duo YACHT’s bouncy, squirmy reworking of “Right Home,” a song from Hanna’s new band the Julie Ruin. She tells Rolling Stone, “Of course I like our version of the song, but YACHT added this whole new dimension. Now I can imagine it playing in the background of a totally uncontrollable party. Since I wrote ‘Right Home’ about trying to drink your pain away while knowing your problems are still gonna be there when you get home – along with a hangover – it thrills me to no end that random partiers, who may be caught in the same dilemma, will be dancing to this. If they catch a glimmer of the lyrics all the better, but it’s pretty meta either way.” Listen to the remix below.

(via Rolling Stone)

The Julie Ruin’s album Run Fast is out now on the band’s own TJR label.