Beastmilk – “Fear Your Mind” (Stereogum Premiere)

The forthcoming debut LP from Finnish quartet Beastmilk is called Climax, and the title is apt: The album is endlessly, almost dizzyingly climactic — a series of soaring peaks that combine the moody, precise darkwave/post-punk of Interpol or Cold Cave with the maximalist bombast of Arcade Fire. For a fairly obscure band just about to release their first full-length, Beastmilk have a pretty vast history already: Last January, they were spotlighted in Fenriz’s Band Of The Week, the wide-reaching blog curated by Darkthrone drummer Gylve “Fenriz” Nagell. But even before that, Beastmilk frontman Kvohst had achieved notoriety with his other bands, which include occult-folk act Hexvessel and Norwegian black-metallers Dødheimsgard. (Beastmilk is from Finland, but Kvohst himself is a British-born wanderer.) Beastmilk has little in common with anything else in Kvohst’s portfolio: This is high-tension, icily propulsive post-punk with goth dramatics and aerodynamic Scandinavian songcraft, produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, who had already helmed a couple of 2013’s best albums prior to this one (Kvelertak’s Meir and Nails’ Abandon All Life). Climax will probably get less attention than the 2013 albums from similarly minded acts Savages and Iceage, but for my money, Beastmilk have them both beat. We’ve got one song from Climax for you to hear today, “Fear Your Mind.” Check it out.

Climax is out 11/29 via Magic Bullet Records.

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