Magic Trick – “Come Inside”

Tim Cohen has been staying busy. Just a couple months ago, Cohen’s band the Fresh & Onlys released their Soothsayer EP, and now Cohen is finalizing his third album with Magic Trick, River Of Souls, due early December on Empty Cellar Records. Cohen released “Come Inside,” a mid-tempo pop-folk track whose haunting quality is lightened by the steady jingle of a tambourine and the breathy harmonizing “woah woahs” of Noelle Cahill and Alicia Vanden Heuvel. Cohen’s baritone adds a comforting melancholy to the song as he murmurs, “Come inside/ Your wounds will heal when all is revealed.” There’s something familiar about “Come Inside” — perhaps it’s evocative of Cohen’s earlier work, but in its brief four minutes, Cohen’s inherent empathy seems to transport the listener to an escape from pain and sadness. Check out “Come Inside” below.

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