Watch Julianna Barwick’s “Ash Day” Takeaway Show

Everyone knows Halloween is the best holiday of the year. Between the candy, the costumes, the horror movies, and that Ray Bradbury TV-special it easily wins — except in Iceland when kids do most of that for Ash Wednesday. So as part of “The Takeaway Show” series, La Blogothèque (who have a reputation for great off-the-cuff videos, most recently with Phoenix performing at Versailles) filmed Julianna Barwick performing her ethereal vocal looping gymnastics on the street during the celebration. As she sings and waves candy at kids, some eventually work up the courage to approach her, and sing into her mic for some candy. Eventually kids begin getting more excited about it and it generates some incredible music. The video is directed by Derrick Belcham who also was behind Barwick’s live church performance of “Crystal Lake” Watch it below and have a happy Halloween…er Ash Day.

Nepenthe is out now via Dead Oceans Records.