Today’s Britney Bytes

NY Post: Two Montreal schoolgirls have been expelled from school after they were busted charging boys money to watch them smooch in the school cafeteria. The 12-year-old girls charged boys $5 to watch them lock lips during one lunch hour. The students got the idea after watching pop superstars Britney Spears and Madonna make out during last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Associated Press: Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage to fellow Kentwood resident and childhood friend Jason Alexander has engulfed the town in an unwanted media frenzy and it has rekindled an old question: What’s she done for Kentwood lately? “It’s embarrassing to have the worldwide media attention with the buildings in such rundown, decrepit conditions,” said Tammy Shaffett, a co-owner of The Hair Studio on Avenue F.

Daily News: Britney Spears likes her wardrobe to be ready as fast as she can say, “I do.” The ditzy divorcee had a shoemaker named Uriel on W. 26th St. make her a pair of black boots within a few hours, a job that usually takes a month. Gossipy customers at Zocalo Restaurant on E. 82nd St. said Spears gave him the design herself, and paid $1,000 for the job.