Queens Of The Stone Age, Tenacious D, And Matt Cameron Cover Cream

Jack Black took a break from terrorizing red carpets with silliness and blanket Tropic Thunder promotion to join Queens Of The Stone Age the other night, at L.A.’s Music Box at Henry Fonda Theatre, in memory of cancer victim and QOTSA collaborator Natasha Shneider. In exchange for the $100 tickets (which benefited the Natasha Schneider Memorial Fund), the sold out crowd was treated to lots of Queens songs, a performance from PJ Harvey, and a Tenacious D + Matt Cameron + Stone Age cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free.” Queens and Matt take instrumentals, Jack and Kyle are on vocal and interpretive dance duty.

Nice zoom, YouTube guy. Here’s one more from the night, PJ + QOTSA on Polly Jean’s “Desperate Kingdom Of Love.”