Watch The Dismemberment Plan Play Fallon

When D.C. postpunk greats the Dismemberment Plan first reunited nearly three years ago, one of their first stops was Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, which was a fun headfuck for anyone who’d seen them play Fort Reno Park or an American Legion Hall once upon a time. Now that the reunion is an established thing and they’ve got the new album Uncanney Valley out, they returned to Fallon last night to play a couple of new songs. On the show proper, they played “Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer,” giving me what I believe is my first-ever glimpse of Travis Morrison, a hall-of-fame onstage spazz, sitting down to play a keyboard. And as an online bonus, they also did the Uncanney Valley highlight “Invisible,” which, appropriately enough, is a song about being in New York and feeling overwhelmed. Even if they’d done the Fallon show before, I have to imagine that’s still how they felt the second time. Watch both performances below.

Uncanney Valley is out now on Partisan.