Tei Shi – “Nature Vs. Nurture” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Saudade” was always one of my favorite words (and one of the only I still remember well) from when I was studying Portuguese in college. We don’t have a comparable word in English, but it loosely translates to a mournful sense of nostalgia and connectedness. Brooklyn-via-Bogotá-and-Vancouver singer Tei Shi has named her debut EP after the word and it is its perfect sonic embodiment. “Nature Vs. Nuture” is a beacon of melancholia’s painful beauty. The cut is a cascading bedroom-R&B and future-pop track that evolves from quiet, but dizzying layers of harmonies into fleshed out vocal rounds with a Tropcalía-tinged backbone. It’s inescapable. Check it out below.

Saudade is out 11/12 via self-release.

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