Mr. Dream – “Loud Tools”

It looks like Brooklyn trio Mr. Dream’s new LP, The Ultimate In Luxury, is nearing release, as the band issued one song from it, “Fringy Slider,” two weeks ago, and today have given us another. The title “Loud Tools” makes me think immediately of Big Black — a pretty clear influence on Mr. Dream’s music in general, I imagine. But goddamnit, when this thing hits its chorus, all I can hear is Franz Ferdinand, which is also what I wrote about “Fringy Slider” just 14 days ago. (And FWIW the title “Fringy Slider” kinda seemed like a subtle Pavement nod, I thought.) Not saying the FF comp is a bad thing — this is another sweet track from a band who are kind of my Platonic ideal of what a rock band should sound like — it just seems really overt to me. You guys hear that too? Listen below, let me know.

AFAIK The Ultimate In Luxury is still sans release date, but it’ll be out via Godmode.

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