St. Vincent’s Annie Clark Reviews Arcade Fire’s Reflektor

Our Band Could Be Your Life author Michael Azerrad recently started a website called the Talkhouse, entirely dedicated to musicians who write about music, and he’s already scored a few major coups like that Lou Reed review of Yeezus. And now St. Vincent’s Annie Clark has become the site’s latest contributor, waxing eloquent on Reflektor, the latest album from her friends and contemporaries Arcade Fire. Clark is, of course, a very smart human being, and the construction of her review is fascinating. It starts out mostly with accounts of the things that Reflektor led her to Google (“Madonna ‘Like a Virgin’ bass sound), and it ends with her giving the album some serious words of high praise. Here’s an excerpt:

Google search #2: Very-tall-men-fronted rock*^ bands
(Related: Glenn Danzig height)
*Co-fronted! No disrespect, Regine!
^Catch-all term for music in 2013 featuring at least one guitar
Results: Turns out Bryan Ferry isn’t even that tall: 6’1″. Some people just seem tall. Also Joey Ramone. (Apple autocorrected this to “ram one” — usually so puritanical, Apple! Loosening your tie or was that a Joel Osteen-esque slip-up?)

Is the classic jocks vs. musicians stereotype based in some evolutionary science? Unable to compete in traditional shows of physical prowess (big muscles, child-bearing hips) artists seek other means of attracting prospective sexual partners? This theory bums me out and seems sexist/reductionist for reasons I’m too distracted to really contemplate. And anyway, I know Win Butler to be an excellent* basketball player, so forget all about it! THE BASS TONE IN “HERE COMES THE NIGHT TIME” IS SUPER-SICK! PERVERSE-SOUNDING! LIKE A BARGE CAREENING INTO AN ICEBERG! INEVITABLE DOOM!


Read the whole thing here.