Watch Prince Rama’s Never Forever Short Film

Last year, the New York-based raga-psych sister act Prince Rama released one hell of a concept album. The retro-futuristic and compulsively listenable Top 10 Hits Of The End Of The World had ten songs, credited to ten different fictional bands, that represented the hits of the day when our planet blinked out of existence. And now, post-raccoon attack, the group has made Never Forever, a 17-minute short film that plays on the album’s themes and its music. Astral Project’s Lily X. Wahrman directed the film. It plays like your weeded-out sleepless memory of that time you caught 15 minutes of impenetrable low-budget sci-fi TV on late-night cable one night — or what that memory might feel like if you had it. Check it out below.

(via The Creators Project)

Top 10 Hits At The End Of The World
is out now on Paw Tracks.

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