Watch Chance The Rapper Cover Coldplay’s “Fix You”

Among the many vocal weapons in Chicago whiz kid Chance The Rapper’s arsenal is a fervent sing-songy rasp. Singles like “Juice” and “Good Ass Intro” from his acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape depend on it. But we’ve never seen him try anything like this before: Last night in Syracuse, as captured by Highbrow Hip Hop, Chance decided to cover Coldplay’s ultra-schmaltzy 2005 power ballad “Fix You,” replete with Sigur Ros ghost moans during the post-chorus comedown. His attempts at the glory notes are frankly pretty ugly, but there are some flashes of dignified grace in there that suggest Chance could actually make a go at this sort of thing with some singing practice. Behold this bizarre and weirdly wonderful event below.

(via Fake Shore Drive)

Acid Rap is available for free download here, and it’s a lot more assured and powerful than Chance’s Chris Martin impression.