Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week we watched the inaugural YouTube Music Awards, a madcap Spike Jonze production that included live music videos from artists like M.I.A., whose Matangi came out on Tuesday. We reviewed it here and contend it has some of the rapper’s best songs. Promoting the album in NYC this week, Maya Skyped with Julian Assange at Terminal 5, gave a controversial interview to NPR, headlined a Soho House party for folks like Mike D, Rostam, Heems, and Lorde, and did a song with the Roots on Fallon. She’ll play Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend — look for our recap on Monday. But first, your best and worst comments of the past seven days are below.



Corey Beasley | Nov 5th Score:18

this essay definitely exists.

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Dusty Effin Henry | Nov 1st Score:19

My favorite part is where she samples the “Thor: The Dark World” trailer at the beginning of every track. Bold move.

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#8 raptor jesus | Nov 6th Score:19

I don’t know if you’re doing a going away post this week, but this post right here is one helluva write-up to go out on Claire!

My unexpected love of Matangi has me on a M.I.A. fever pitch lately, so I enjoyed reading your preface more than the list.

But I got to the list and it looks to be in good order. “Born Free” is in the house. “Galang” (rightfully) trumping “Paper Planes” and even the Matangi tracks are great selections.

“Bad Girls” is obviously one helluva song, but combined with that music video it has become something else entirely in my mind. Badass personified. You should use it as your exit music.

We’ll miss you Claire!

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#7 Tom Breihan | Nov 4th Score:20

That was supposed to say “sputter pop,” but maybe I should just leave it.

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#6 crania americana | Nov 4th Score:20

Pshhhhhhhh…. Oh now this person’s coming in being all like “it says sputter-pop.” HA!!! Like you’re some big shot with your reading comprehension. What you can’t even begin to process, man, is how totally happening and out of sight things were back before you even showed up. I remember it like it was 2:25 PM: free love reigned supreme –– it was like we were ensconced in a fog of raw sensuality, bodies touching bodies with all of society’s fascistic notions of propriety tossed aside; mind-expanding drugs available everywhere you looked; a spirit of enthusiasm and creativity rushed through the air; there was a tangible vibe that radical, egalitarian social and political change was imminent and we were going to be the ones that made it happen; and most importantly, there was a typo in the article.

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Eleazar G. Vera | Nov 2nd Score:20

thank god she didn’t allow it, that band is so shitty.

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#3 Rio Bravo | Nov 4th Score:21

“In a lot of ways, time has been kind to /\/\/\Y/\, which beat Yeezus…”

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#2 Claire Lobenfeld | Nov 6th Score:23

Aw thank you, Raptor Jesus! No going away post from me. This was it and I’m glad you think it’s a good note to bow out with. Always appreciated how much you contribute to the convo here, RJ, and your kind words upon my departure.

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#1 michael_ | Nov 5th Score:33


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Evan Surretsky | Nov 3rd Score:-9

It’s funny how many people down vote you…..It’s a joke. They can’t stand the truth. This honestly isn’t a review it’s a complete attack on an artist. No review in site, if I was the owner of this site I honestly would fire whoever reviewed this, prime example of poor journalism.

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#4 michael_ | Nov 1st Score:-9

Downvote all you want, but there has been no singer-songwriter more overrated in the past century than Dylan. He can’t even sing anymore. He sounds like a dying frog. Dear dying frog, for the love of all that is fair in life, please just exhale that last breath from your 90-something-year-old-looking body of yours instead of sucking the life out of Mr. Reed’s toned biceps and dark whispers.

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#3 rubberjohnny0829 | Nov 7th Score:-9

paper planes is her only decent song. so great when they used it in that one trailer. hadn’t heard of mia before that.

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#2 michael_ | Nov 1st Score:-10

Fuck Bob Dylan. True thought that came into my head earlier this week: I wish it was him and his overrated croaky voiced old bones that died instead of Lou.

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Tom McInnes | Nov 1st Score:-23

You’re… you’re an idiot.

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ramparts | Nov 7th Score:-3

ow can you compare eric clapton and eminem? They sound nothing alike.

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