FLUXBLOG FILL-IN PART II: Wholesale Mp3 Warehouse

Just in case you do not make a point of reading the post titles, this is Matthew from Fluxblog filling in for Scott while he’s off at Bonnaroo. Please right click/save as for mp3 links.

Doleful Lions “Satanic Blood” – There are times on Fluxblog when I have to literally flip a coin in order to choose between two equally worthy songs by the same band, and this cheery indie pop tune about satanism was a recent loser of one such toss-up. I ended up regretting it a bit, but here is my chance to make things right. (Click here to buy it from Parasol.)

Styrofoam (featuring Sarah Shannon) “I Found Love” – This is a selection from The Now Sound Redesigned, a collection of remixes of songs by the twee-est band of the ’60s, The Free Design. Styrofoam and former Velocity Girl singer Sarah Shannon don’t quite remix “I Found Love” so much as cover it, recasting the tune as a syrupy alt-pop ballad for a post-Postal Service world. (Click here to buy it from Light in the Attic.)

R.E.M. “Me In Honey (Live @ Rock Am Ring, 6/3/2005)” – Even though I like quite a lot of the band’s later work, it’s hard to deny that R.E.M. lost some magic after the departure of their original drummer Bill Berry. Nevertheless, R.E.M. remain a top-notch live act, thanks in part to the presence of former Ministry drummer Bill Rieflin as a mainstay of their touring band. Though Berry was hardly a slouch, Rieflin is a heavy hitter and adds some visceral power to oldies and a much-needed jolt of energy to newer material that had been dulled down by studio fussing on the albums. “Me In Honey” has always been a gem in the R.E.M. catalog, but this faster, more dynamic live version brings out a gospel flavor that had only been hinted at on the original studio recording. I’d never thought about it before, but now I find myself wishing that someone like the Reverend Al Green would cover this song. (Click here to get the entire show on bittorrent from Murmurs.com)

Iron Hero “Pilot In My Head” – Like R.E.M., Iron Hero hail from Athens, GA, but are of a far more recent vintage. This is a very ambitious song from their debut EP, a collection of huge but airy art-pop anthems that seem designed to be played in large venues and open air festivals. (Click here for the Iron Hero website and here for their MySpace page.)