Marley Carroll – “First Thought, Best Thought” (Stereogum Premiere)

The first thought you get from a title like “First Thought, Best Thought” is that it seems to be celebrating impulsiveness, and that certainly comes to mind when navigating Marley Carroll’s lovely new track and second single (after “The Hunter“) from his upcoming album Sings. It’s a track that changes itself up multiple times throughout its four minutes, shifting from a ghostly intro to its jittery first section before moving into an even better second half decorated with stretched-out vocals, loose percussion, and a synth line that shines like sunlight through trees. Taken another way, maybe the title implies a sequence — opening with the first thought, and moving on to the best. It doesn’t really matter one way or the other, slap some headphones on and you can get lost in this warm, neon forest of a song, which sounds like just the thing we need as it gets colder and snowier.

Sings is out 12/3. via his label, Melanaster Records.