Watch M.I.A. Play Conan

No one on the corner has swagger like Conan O’Brien. Actually, that’s not even remotely true. Everyone on the corner has exponentially more swagger than Conan O’Brien. Have you seen that guy lately? Jesus. Every time I catch a glimpse of that guy onscreen, he looks like an absolutely broken man. It’s tragic. But Conan at least had an interesting musical guest on his show last night: M.I.A., who sneered her way through the raved-up Matangi track “Y.A.L.A.” For whatever reason, she gave her amazing backup dancers the night off, which was a shame. Instead, she held down the stage all by herself, giving death-stares and posing in front of a gigantic lit-up wheel. Watch it below.

Matangi is out now on Interscope.