The Notwist – “Close To The Glass”

A few days ago, Sub Pop posted an intriguing teaser on its website: In a “glorious and career-justifying event,” they’d signed a mysterious new artist, an artist they’d been “HUGE fans of for years.” They also posted a 15-second clip of new music and held a contest asking fans to guess the artist. Most of the serious guesses were some variation on Thom Yorke or Panda Bear, but it turns out to be the Notwist, the German electronic-prog band who hasn’t released an album since 2008.

Depending on where you’re sitting, the news of a new Notwist album on Sub Pop is either a tremendous anticlimax or a badass piece of news — or maybe it’s both. Either way, the label will release Close To The Glass, the first new Notwist album in nearly six years, early in 2014. And below, you can hear the skittery, minimal title track and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Signals”
02 “Close To The Glass”
03 “Kong”
04 “Into Another Tune”
05 “Casino”
06 “From One Wrong Place To The Next”
07 “7-Hour-Drive”
08 “The Fifth Quarter Of The Globe”
09 “Run Run Run”
10 “Steppin’ In”
11 “Lineri”
12 “They Follow Me”

Close To The Glass
is out 2/25 on Sub Pop.

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