DJ Dog Dick – “Sharing Scars” (Stereogum Premiere)

Max Eisenberg has been a staple of the noise world for a long time under many names. I always knew him best as DJ Dog Dick, a moniker that will be getting a debut album, The Life Stains soon. Like any good DJ, Eisenberg is a hell of a curator, getting contributions from friends like guitar wizard (and former Ponytail member) Dustin Wong, Margeret Chardiet (Pharmakon, one of our 40 Best New Bands), and Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy, and currently of the awesome Guardian Alien). “Sharing Scars” is a good example of how diverse things get on the album, finding Eisenberg in singing mode, making one of the more vulnerable and direct moments on the record. Listen to it below.

The Life Stains is out today via HOSS Records.

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