As a member of Gang Gang Dance, Brian DeGraw has long been responsible for much of the group’s astral cosmopolitan drift. He takes much of that same aesthetic to his new solo project, which he’s calling bEEdEEgEE. Solo, he adds a bit more dance-music thump to the proceedings, and he also tries working with a bunch of guest singers. The debut bEEdEEgEE album SUM/ONE is out early next week, and we’ve already posted the early tracks “Bricks” and “Flowers,” the latter of which features CSS’s Lovefoxxx. The album also has a seven-minute disco track on which Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor croons about how he just wants to fuck all the time; it’s awesome. And now you can stream the whole album at Pitchfork.

SUM/ONE is out 12/3 on 4AD.