Axl Rose’s Ex-Wife Auctioning Love Letters, Wedding Video, Domestic Abuse Report

As the song tells us, nothing lasts forever, and when Axl Rose is involved, that impermanence is likely to be highlighted with legal documents and high-wattage drama. And now, in November no less, Axl’s ex-wife, Erin Everly, is drenching the GN’R singer in some metaphorical cold rain — and making it rain for herself! — by auctioning off a small museum’s worth of ultra-personal effects obtained during their five-year relationship.

Online bids are being taken now at Julien’s Auctions for items ranging from the couple’s wedding video to the domestic abuse report filed by Everly against Rose. There’s also some candid photos, random detritus (a hospital bracelet?), and some legit Hard Rock Cafe-worthy memorabilia such as a pair of leather-crotched jeans owned by Rose and the shirt he wore in the “Welcome To The Jungle Video.” Rose and Everly were together in some capacity from 1986 to 1991 — i.e., the best years of Rose’s life, artistically speaking — so for most of us, this sad motherlode merely serves as a biography of a deeply troubled relationship, as well as a reminder of Rose’s inner turmoil and long fallow period as a musician.

Presumably somebody is going to buy this stuff, but most of it seems both too depressing and too fucking unnecessary to be worth any sane person’s hard-earned cash. Seriously, what are you gonna do with the paperback copy of Richard Bach’s The Bridge Across Forever given to Everly by Rose? High-concept gag gift? That’s pretty sick shit, man. And yet there are three bids on the thing right now. Considering their reportedly abusive relationship, I can’t fault Everly for trying to cash in, I guess. But in 2013, who cares enough about the domestic life of Axl Rose to pay hundreds of dollars for a drawer full of his “personal items,” comprising “a Mickey Mouse Lorus watch; a lanyard with multiple keys, a pocket knife and Ripley’s Believe it or Not token; a loose key that appears to be from a hotel room; a Troubadour 1984 button; a novelty ‘Pam Pam’ toy gun; a Garfield ‘I love Oakland School’ button; an additional lanyard; and a metal whistle”? Nobody, right? Wrong: somebody. That lot has two bids on it with 15 days to go. Yeah, ain’t my money, I know. Anyway check out some of the more random crap for sale in the gallery above.