Last Bonnaroo Post, I Promise: Part 2

Some photos that were left out of VH1’s roundup, so ONE more Bonnaroo 2005 post (and two MP3s)…

Matisyahu Meets Mike Gordon
At 17, the future Hasidic reggae-rapper followed Phish on the road. In this photo he and Gordo are meeting for the first time.

Patterson Hood Of Drive-By Truckers
Saw DBT last NYE, so I figured I didn’t have to catch their set. Glad I did.

Keren Ann
A shame that more people didn’t show up to listen. Everyone was at Umphree’s McGee, who I have yet to listen to.

My Morning Jacket & Friends
Mysterious maestro was conducting the band and an expanding menagerie of puppety oddballs. Surreal and totally unexpected.

Bagels & Lox With The Press, Sponsored By Matisyahu
Plenty of Cool Whip (?), but not enough regular (i.e., non-blueberry) cream cheese. Matisyahu was friendly and soft-spoken.

Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam Contemplates
Really nice guy. I told him I wrote on a “website” where he had “big fans”

Crazy Creatures
Grapehead was the leader. In this photo, he was playfully castigating Green Triclops for dilly-dallying.

Jenny Lewis Of Rilo Kiley
Baby, she’s bad newwwwws. (She also mooned the audience for a sec, but my camera wasn’t quick enough to preserve for posterity.)

“Where Am I?” Board
Concertgoers can leave messages for each other if they don’t have cell phones and/or are tripping balls.

King Of Leon Matthew Followill Waits To Get His Baggage Screened
Stereogum is a pathetic paparazzi.

Passed Out At The Airport
These people are tired.

Here’s Trey covering Peter Gabriel and Van Halen (with Bo Bice). Huge thanks to Ford Prefect (via Largehearted Boy) for the flac seed.

Trey Anastasio – “Sledgehammer (Live @ Bonnaroo 6-10-05)” (MP3)
Trey Anastasio & Bo Bice – “Panama (Live @ Bonnaroo 6-10-05)” (MP3)