Blood Orange And Solange Have A Falling-Out Via Twitter

Solange & Blood Orange

Blood Orange And Solange Have A Falling-Out Via Twitter

Solange & Blood Orange

Putting together her great 2012 EP True, the EP that turned her into an indie sensation, Solange Knowles worked closely with Dev Hynes, who records as Blood Orange. Hynes worked as a producer, songwriter, and musician on the EP, and the record gives a sense of two voices figuring out how to intertwine with each other. When the two shared stages on late-night shows and on tour, they seemed deeply linked — sharing big smiles and choreographed dance steps, displaying a serious working chemistry. But a recent FADER cover story on Hynes shed light on some tension between the two; they couldn’t agree how how much credit Hynes should get for those songs. And now they’re apparently not friends anymore. It’s sad.

On Twitter yesterday, both Hynes and Solange said a few things about their working relationship, and it went beyond tension into the fuck-you stage of things. Solange was a bit more conciliatory than Hynes, but the sentiment seemed to be about the same on each side. Since both went beyond a single Tweet, I’ll just put together what they said into paragraph form. First, here’s what Hynes wrote:

If you wanna take shots at me text me call me talk to me in person but don’t ever drop a subliminal, talk behind my back, or send a flunky. I’m doing myself. Ain’t nothing to do with anyone else, I’m about myself, like any self respecting human should be. We live & die alone. I have beef with no one. I won’t even mention your name ever again. Any of you. I’ve said my bit. I’ve reached out. I’ve praised you. But now it’s done. It’s over. We’re done. Bye.

Now here’s what Solange wrote back, with the caveat that she actually @-ed Hynes on all this stuff:

When you do tumblr post, speak about things in interviews, tweet, issues then belong to the public. I have been minding my biz. I have only ever praised you and spoken about you positively, even when our perspectives were totally different. I still support your artistry & am extremely happy for your success. I just wished you were honest about the making of my album. That’s all I’m going to say on this. You know more than anyone niggas love drama. Also u know very well I have reached out. Bless. Ps: Your phone been going straight to VM for long time.

(via The 405 News)

Here’s hoping they can figure this out. Both Solange and Hynes are perfectly capable of making great music on their own, but they make really great music together. Meanwhile, the new Blood Orange album Cupid Deluxe is out now on Domino, and it’s awesome.

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