Milosh – “This Time” Video

The Rhye singer Michael Milosh has been making solo records for longer than he’s been in Rhye, and he put together his newest, the just-out-today Jetlag, with the help of his wife, actress Alexa Nikolas. In Milosh’s great “Slow Down” video, Nikolas’s face is the only thing you see onscreen. And she’s also a huge part of his new video for the album closer “This Time,” which follows the couple as they travel around the world and do the sort of extremely goofy shut-out-the-world stuff that couples do. Our own Chris DeVille recently interviewed Milosh, and he had this to say about the video:

We brought a camera with us and shot all around the world and I wanted to make a video hopefully to inspire some people to go travel and do some beautiful things. We filmed each other joking around in these beautiful places. We found this pond on top of a mountain and it’s not very likely that someone would know it’s there, but I would love to talk about those kind of things and hopefully inspire people to go out there and see some cool things.

And here it is:

Jetlag is out now on Deadly.