Superchunk – “Void” Video (Feat. Jon Glaser & Jon Benjamin)

As punk lifers with decades in the game, Superchunk are good and familiar with every possible old-guy-in-the-club scenario, and their new video for “Void,” a song from their truly great 2013 album I Hate Music, features a whole lot of them. Director Scott Jacobson has assembled a cast that includes every possible alt-comedy fixture named Jon; Glaser, Benjamin, and Superchunk drummer Wurster are all present and accounted for. The action all unfolds at the Brooklyn DIY venue Shea Stadium, and bands like Ava Luna and Lost Boy make appearances. I laughed right out loud more than once, and then I felt uncomfortable, and then I got happy. Watch the video below.

(via Pitchfork)

I Hate Music is out now on Merge. Old heads already know that “Void” is named for the legendarily messy early-’80s Maryland hardcore band.