Lindsay Lohan Hits Puberty, Won’t Go Nude For An Oscar

It’s been WEEKS since I mentioned our favorite shrinking starlet. Here’s the Lo-Down you so crave…


LA hasn’t been kind to Lindsay Lohan. Last week the paparazzi tried to kill her. Then at Tuesday’s premiere of Herbie: Fully Loaded, Lindsay stormed off when she learned her big song had been moved from the race scene to the closing credits!

Now in NYC, she’s in better spirits. During a whirlwind two-day talk show tour she hit The Today Show, Letterman, The View, and Conan O’Brien. If you didn’t Tivo Letterman, you missed this explanation for her disappearing figure:

I just hit puberty. You grow up, you learn, you eat healthier, you work out, and your body’s changing … I will eventually take a break and just live my life and just relax and find something to do. But when I’m not working I don’t know what to do with myself!

And on Access Hollywood yesterday, L. Lo told Billy Bush:

You will never see me in a nude scene. Then there’s no mystery for my private life … I don’t think that’s what needed to win an Oscar for me. Personally I think there’s other things you can do to show people that you have talent.

On The Today Show she told Matt Lauer she wants a career like Jodie Foster’s and she hates the term “partying.” You might’ve also read Lindsay’s uncle was arrested Tuesday for scamming money from a government loan intended for small businesses affected by 9/11. And that she’s dating Elefant’s Diego Garcia.

Lohan turns 19 next Saturday. She will celebrate by watching Live 8 with Nicole Richie and blowing out a birthday cake fashioned out of nicotine and diet pills.